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ZERO WASTE counter
ZERO WASTE counter

ZERO WASTE counter


ZERO WASTE on counter with counter stand and CT-12 with Zero Waste software.




As the name suggests, ZERO WASTE is not only a weighing system, but a comprehensive tool to reduce food waste. For the food and hospitality industry, understanding

the volume and nature of wasted food is essential. ZERO WASTE gives our customers the ability to know and accurately analyse all food waste, resulting in significant savings.

ZERO WASTE allows our CT-12 touchscreen indicator to monitor waste in both Weight- Tare and Weight-Price-Amount modes. The CT-12 indicator can be wall or floor mounted.

The wall adapter always goes with the CT- 12, what is optional is the foot support.

It will be connected to any of our EPELSA platforms.


Opt imi ses was te management with ZEROWASTE: efficiently accumulates product waste in a bin, with the option to record the reason. When the bin is emptied, the system automatically totals the waste, simplifying your process and improving operational efficiency.

General VISOR CT-12

The CT-12 delivers exceptional performance in a sleek mat te brushed stainless steel case design. Based on PC technology it features a dedicated graphics card, DDR III RAM and SSD storage for optimum ef f iciency.

I t of fers ex tensive connect ivi ty, including Ethernet (with Wi-Fi option) , USB (3 external) and RS232 port.

Epelsa's modular software allows complete customisation, from configurable sales displays to multimedia advertising.

It complies with EU food regulations and provides tools such as ENCASE for label design and remote software updates.

The CT-12 is connectable to all types of platforms with any type of capacity, providing EU Approval with the right combination.

Technical Data

Software Features

»Config. Working mode: Weight-Tare or Weight-Price-Import reason for scrap, reason for shrinkage and printout at end of cycle.

»Shortage accumulation

»End of cycle when emptying the bucket.

»Printing of cycle subtotal without erasing.

»Possibility of displaying the cycle in progress with printing option.

»Display of completed cycles with printout option.

»Automatic cycle end control in the event of power failure.

»Configurable lists of wastage with date interval.

»Stock shrinkage discount.

»Complete compatibility with the rest of the TouchScale and K-Scale product families including ML500.

Periféricos compatibles

» Impresoras conectables:


- Genérica-Compatible IBM


- Repetidor RP-7

- Repetidor RPI-7

- Repetidor RPI-12

- Repetidor RP-66


Control Waste revolutionises waste management with innovative software to efficiently accumulate and record product waste, with options for waste reasons and automatic totalisation when the bin is emptied. Its intuitive interface and advanced features simplify the process, improving operational efficiency and providing detailed waste data. A step towards sustainability and resource optimisation in industrial environments.

Communications CT-12 indicator

»Ethernet communication (Wifi option)

»USB connectivity (3 External)

»Protected connectors.

»RS232 port (1 external)

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