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Grupo EPELSA has different brands to market its products and facilitate the work of its more than 600 distributors:


For decades Grupo EPELSA S.L.U. has developed technologies that have revolutionized weighing, its applications and possibilities in countless industries. Since the foundation of the Group's first company in 1979, Grupo EPELSA is a company dedicated to the development, manufacture and distribution of electronic weighing equipment, characterized from its origins by a sustained growth based on applied research.

The Research and Development Center is currently formed by a team of Engineers and Technicians whose work allows the Group's products to be at the technological forefront of the sector and the creation of new products that increase the current extensive offer, which includes from commercial balances to industrial weighing through specific solutions for various industries such as food, agri-food, meat, railway, chemical and postal, among many others.

New products and improvements to existing ones are implemented in a production process with quality as an essential requirement. This quality is guaranteed in all manufacturing centers by the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Our primary objective is the service and personalized attention to our customers. With a qualified team of Engineers and Technicians we ensure the integration of our equipment into the client's technological environment, providing an integral solution rather than a simple weighing instrument. Our specialized attention has allowed us to position ourselves solidly in the sector of large distribution chains, where the technological advantage and quality of service is more evident, as well as maintaining and promoting customized solutions aimed at small and medium businesses, increasingly demanding in product quality and technical attention.

Our factories

Grupo EPELSA currently has three factories in Spain. The first company of the Group, EPELSA (1979), located in Madrid, dedicated to the manufacture of electronic scales.

As a result of the rapid expansion of the company, EPEL INDUSTRIAL (Barcelona) was born, where the Production Center of load cells and visors are located, as well as special equipment to respond to the industrial demand in the field of weighing.

As a complement to the latter, a plant is created in Berga (Barcelona), which manufactures, with the latest technologies, metal structures for platforms and bridge scales.

The Group's international vocation is manifested by the company's strong presence in Western and Eastern Europe, in the Latin American and North African markets.

Parallel to this export activity, Grupo EPELSA has carried out a process of international expansion through direct investments: EXA, a subsidiary in Bordeaux (France), dedicated to the sale and service of balances and industrial equipment.

It is in the year 2000 when all the production centers and subsidiaries are integrated into a single multinational company under the current name, Grupo EPELSA, S.L.U.


Food industry

Platforms, indicators, labeling solutions, weigh modules, load cells, wall scales, aerial scales, etc.


Bridge scales (weighs trucks), car weighing, axle weighing, train weighing, inventory platforms, indicators, pallet trucks.


Bridge scales (weigh trucks)


Commercial balances, manual labelers, automatic, industrial platforms.


Bridge scales (weigh trucks), product sorters, special platforms, weighing hoppers and silos, dosing systems.


Bridge scales, dosages, silo weighing.


Franking equipment, postal scales, weighing on conveyor belts, special indicators.


Platforms, checkweighers, dosing systems, special equipment for explosive atmospheres, bridge scales (weigh trucks).


Count parts, platforms, load cells

Our clients

Large food distribution chains
In large distribution chains, demanding and innovative customers, we offer customized solutions. Grupo EPELSA, occupies a predominant position, working with three quarters of the most prestigious companies in our country.

Small and medium-sized businesses
Technically the increasingly demanding demand of small and medium businesses regardless of their location, allowing our integral solutions to reach all corners with quality and efficiency.

Industrial market / National specific
In the industrial and specific market we offer multiple solutions which allows us to work with clients as important as Correos, Renfe and Repsol among many others.

Export market
Grupo EPELSA currently has a solid global presence, being present in more than thirty countries. From the subsidiaries of France, England and Germany an extensive network of distributors is maintained, occupying a significant plot in traditional markets, large stores and industry in general. In the rest of the countries of Europe, America and Africa, together with strategic partners, a fundamental role is played in the presence and growth of the EPELSA Group's products. In coordination and with the support of Grupo EPELSA, the strategic partners develop an intense commercial and service work, which together with the quality and performance of the product, has allowed them to gain increasing market shares and introduce the products of Grupo EPELSA in the reference customers of their respective countries.

This intense export activity helps Grupo Epelsa to remain at the technological forefront of the sector, pressing the trends of foreign markets and adapting its products and developments to the needs of each of them

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