Grupo Epelsa has high capacities to meet each and every one of its customers' needs, providing technological solutions to all the demands of the different sectors.

Integration of electronic labels

A new labeling system for retail businesses that fundamentally tries to provide establishments with efficiency, immediacy, comfort, a modern look and, above all, helps to reduce the use of paper, which makes the eTAG system an ecological element adapted to the times.

Visual recognition of products for weighing

The visual recognition technology of products applied to weighing is already a reality.

Grupo Epelsa develops a system that allows the product to be identified, weighed and labeled. An efficient and fast solution for self-service businesses.

Easy Shop Retail System

Grupo Epelsa implements connected scale systems with shift dispensing equipment and advertising screens that achieve a complete communication ecosystem where the customer is fully informed of everything that happens at any point in the establishment.

Nautilus Web Platform

Nautilus is a platform for remote access to scale systems that allows access, editing and viewing of all equipment data.

Through a tool like Nautilus, we manage to have direct contact with important functionalities of the scales without having to be present in the establishment.

Special Product

Grupo Epelsa designs, manufactures and installs different customized product solutions.

In different environments, needs require one type or another of product. For this Grupo Epelsa manages to adapt to these requirements and provides solutions.

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