CPC cell
CPC cell

CPC cell


CPC cell 10t


Load cell, with encapsulated strain gauges. Laser welded sealing ensuring an IP68 rating.
Capacity: 10t, 20t, 30t, 40t, 50t.
The metal body of the load cell is made of special steel with stainless steel protection and AISI 304 stainless steel housing.
Effective internal protection against strong lightning-induced currents.
Designed to avoid the use of screws during assembly, ensures speed and avoids fixing errors. Load cell cable length 15 m. Diameter 5 mm.
Net weight: 5700 g.
Packing dimensions: 30 x 21,5 x 12,5 cm.
Option: without dollies or eccentrics
Option: For all capacities the cable can be supplied protected with rodent-proof wire mesh.

Material: Stainless steel

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