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Jupiter 20RL Selfservice 110T Scale


Self-service countertop scale with labeler and 110 keys


Countertop scale for self-service mode.
ABS finish.
Interconnected multifunction thermal Labeler for printing labels up to 60 mm wide.
Printing speed up to 120mm /sec.
Possibility of working in 3.000 or 6.000 divisions depending on the load cell.
Panel of 110 independent push buttons with long mechanical travel that allows the insertion of product pictogram or key number.
Large memory capacity.
Interconnection of up to 10 scales via Ethernet, all models in the range being compatible in the same network.
Adapted to European labeling regulations (allergens, nutritional information, etc.)
Ethernet communication.
RJ-11 cash drawer.
Stainless steel plate.
Net weight: 14.81 kg. / Packed: 18.87 kg.
Packing dimensions: 56 x 74 x 46 cm.

Countertop: Yes

Hanging: No

Printing: Labeler

Linerless (Opt.): No

PC technology: No

Touchscreen: No

TPV / Checkout connection: Yes

Internal use: No

Capacities: No

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