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Balanza EuroScale 20RLI 98T Scale


Double body countertop scale with printer and labeler


ABS finish.
Thermal printer and labeler with ticket and label printing capacity, fully configurable including logos through editing software.
Since it has two different printing devices, it is able to work simultaneously with both depending on the type of sale. The same equipment could be used both for packing and for retail sales unifying two devices in one.
Backlit graphic display with contrast control.
Configurable graphic display with 240x64 high contrast dots.
Push-button panel with 98 mechanical keys (Omron-type keys).
Ethernet communication.
RJ-11 cash drawer.
IP protection against splashes.
Large memory capacity capable of managing databases of articles, customers, traceability of different types of products, different bar codes, graphic capacity, etc.
Adapted to European labeling regulations (allergens, nutritional information, etc.).
Interconnection of up to 60 scales via Ethernet, all models in the range are compatible on the same network.
Stainless steel plate.
Net weight: 11.44 kg. / Packed: 13.9 kg.
Packing dimensions: 58 x 44 x 66 cm.

Countertop: Yes

Hanging: No

Printing: Printer and Labeler

Linerless (Opt.): No

PC technology: No

Touchscreen: No

TPV / Checkout connection: Yes

Internal use: No

Capacities: No

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