Checkout System 8325


Ideal indicator for connection to a TPV (point of sale) or ECR (Cash register)


Indicator composed of:
-Weight control unit
(weight, communication, display and power supply).
-Stainless steel column with ABS indicator and 3-line backlit LCD displays (numerical and alphanumerical).
-“U” shaped platform for mounting on scanner.

-Weighing unit for scanner integration.
-Ideal for cash register lines.
-Attractive and innovative design.
-Rotating LCD display
 (weight-price-amount, tare and descriptive).
-Load cell with independent metrological seal Communication to PC, POS and Cash Register.
-It has numerous protocols to communicate with POS or ECR’s of different brands and manufacturers including Dialog06. Quick and easy connection.
-USB connection (for both power and data).
-RS-232 output (for both power and data)
Connectivity with Honeywell and Magellan scanners
(not included)
-Keys: ON/OFF, Tare, tare setting and manual zero.
-Possibility of integration with POS through OpenScale weight indicator with the possibility of displaying the weight on the side of the vendor and customer can avoid the assembly of column.
-Check for different capacities.

-Ideal for the integration of a weighing system in the supermarket checkout line providing the scanner, besides the barcode reading functionality, with the possibility of directly weighing the goods, thus avoiding unnecessary product handling
-Versatile installation from the multiple possible configurations: column with 1 or 2 displays, installation next to OpenScale without column, power supply and obtain.

Sector / Customer:
-Supermarkets and large surfaces.
-Self-service shops with checkout port.

Net weight: consult  /  Packed: consult.
Packing dimensions:  consult.

Countertop: Yes

Hanging: No

Printing: No

Linerless (Opt.): No

PC technology: No

Touchscreen: No

TPV / Checkout connection: Yes

Internal use: No

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