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es::S 80X80 Pint. 150kg cel. SQB-A c/s JW-4|0

S platform


4 load cell platform with reinforced painted steel structure and bolted tear sheet metal


Reinforced construction with double frame in painted
Finishes: painted with removable tear top sheet metal, or stainless steel with smooth polished top sheet metal.
Mounting: Above-ground / Built-in.
Fully electronic weighing without levers, knives, bearings, etc.
Minimal maintenance.
Adjustable feet for levelling.
Load cell SQB (IP68) / SQBI (IP68).
Weight signal by parallel connection of 4 strain-gauge load cells in an IP66 / IP67 sealed enclosure.
5m cable for the weight indicator.

Platform material: Painted

Dimmensions: 80x80

Tipo (platforms): 4 cells

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