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TouchScale 20RL Scale 15 Linux


Double body countertop scale with labeler


PC based scale with 15” front touchscreen and 9” or 15” customer screen. Also available with NO rear screen.
Smart thermal labeler (60mm).
Intel Celeron Microprocessor, RAM Memory DDR III (2 GB), mSATA storage.
Ethernet port (Optional Wi-Fi)
USB (3 External: 1 x 3.0 / 2 x 2.0), RS232 port &  RJ-11 cash drawer port.
Metrological shield.
Stainless steel plate.
Common spare parts for all PC range models
Linux Ubuntu O.S., also available Windows O.S.
MySQL data base manager.
Different customizable working modes: Sales, Packing, Self-service, POS, etc.
Fully modular program created by Grupo Epelsa.
Configurable layout screens (consult factory).
Unlimited programmable data (items, descriptions, traceability, vendors, families, counters, customers, orders, rates, etc.).
Advertising (images, video, playlists, cross advertising).
Images by product, family, seller, counter, quality level, cross advertising.
Option additional advertising display.
Billing module (simplified and ordinary).
Management of price lists and prices by tranches.
Customer loyalty system (points).
Wide diversity of sales reports & data listings.
Intuitive and easy access menus.
Installation Wizard.
Customer orders.
Import / export of files (TXT, CSV).
Queue management system (dispensers and display screens).
External Device integration (smart cash drawers, queue dispenser, payment, labeler).
Card printer (article prices and customers).
EAN8, EAN13, EAN128, Code128, ITF14 (C25Inter), QR barcodes.
Interconnection with unlimited number of scales.
Adapted to European labeling regulations 1169/2011 (allergens, nutritional information, etc.).
Multi language.
Task Scheduler: Backup, export, update, shutdown.
Remote and automatic software updates.
Webserver: for programming and data consultation.
FTP Server
Remote store management: HydraTouch, Desktop, App PC Scale Connect (Android).
ENCASE: Label, ticket and card design software.
Fully configurable print formats: ticket, label, variable length label, linerless.
Remote maintenance with standard market tools.
Net weight: 11,8 kg. / Packed: 15,9 kg.
Packing dimensions:  44 x 53 x 72 cm

Countertop: Yes

Hanging: No

O.S.: Linux

Printing: Labeler

Linerless (Opt.): Yes

PC technology: Yes

Touchscreen: Yes

TPV / Checkout connection: Yes

Internal use: No

Capacities: No

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