Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) is a procedure to guarantee the control of your goods and to speed up the response of our technical service at EPELSA.

This procedure is only valid for EPELSA distributors.

Returns or repairs that are not documented with a valid RMA number will not be accepted. Undocumented returns or repairs will be returned freight collect.

This application is for equipment only, therefore no change orders or spare parts  will be accepted.

Before using the RMA system to return your equipment, please ensure that you have exhausted the following options:

1. Consult the manual of your EPELSA equipment.

2. Contact EPELSA's technical department through the contact form on the website or by telephone.

In case your equipment still does not work, you can use the RMA system that EPELSA offers you:

EPELSA WARRANTY Check if your equipment is under warranty:

If you are an EPELSA distributor and you need to send an equipment for return or repair, here you can request instructions to speed up the process.

To this:

1.               Please fill in the information requested below.

2.              We will analyse your request and reply with the instructions for shipment of the equipment to EPELSA's facilities or other instructions to complete the analysis of the request.

Check with EPELSA the warranty conditions of your equipment.

EPELSA offers a 1 year warranty on all its products. In order to use this warranty it will be essential to have the number and date of the purchase invoice of the equipment, as well as the serial number.

NOTE: The procedure described below covers returns and in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs of equipment.


HOW THE RMA PROCESS WORKS In order to have your product repaired, please follow the procedure described below:

1. RMA number request: You must fill in the web form below.

2. Obtaining the RMA number: EPELSA will reply within a maximum of 24-48 hours (working days), with an RMA number and a label format. In the event that the web form contains errors or missing information, this period may be extended.

3. Return of the equipment to EPELSA: The goods must be sent to EPELSA carriage paid to the address indicated on the label we send you, and must be in a visible place on the packaging. You must also include the label with the RMA number on the outside of the package, which we will send you in the email.

4. Resolution of the return: Once the goods has been received at EPELSA, our technical service will proceed to check and/or repair it. As soon as the incident is resolved, EPELSA will send the goods carriage forward.

5. For equipment repaired under warranty, you will in any case be charged for the cost of return transport, as indicated in the repair confirmation. The warranty shall not apply in cases of:

·         Damage or breakage caused by transport.

·         Incorrect or improper installation or handling of the equipment.

·         Failure to comply with the operating instructions, laceration or tearing off labels with the serial number of the product.


NOTE: For out-of-warranty equipment, the repair budget will be valid for 30 days, after which the goods will be returned freight collect. Repair guarantee is 3 months.


Return of equipment under warranty

For returns of equipment under warranty, the product must be sent with all the elements that compose it and protected with the original packaging. If the original packaging is not received or if defects are observed that are beyond EPELSA's control, a penalty of 15% of the total value of the equipment will be applied.


Return packaging

All equipment shipped from EPELSA will be in new packaging to ensure safe transport, we will not reuse packaging provided by distributors.

These packages will be invoiced except for equipment that is returned under warranty, with the original packaging in good condition.


Equipment under warranty

In the case of equipment under warranty period for its revision, it is essential that the equipment is sent with all the elements that compose it and protected with the original packaging. In the event that, on receipt of the equipment, defects beyond EPELSA's control are observed, the cost of repair will be claimed from the sender.

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The material must be sent to EPELSA carriage paid to the address indicated on the label. If you wish to have the goods collected by EPELSA, please check the following option:


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